Movie captions from IMWe 2007

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   Some people singing "Whiskey in the jar" just for fun in the courtyard (69 MB)
   The crowd singing "Wild rover" in the dungeons (87 MB)
   Not very exciting - but here you see what it takes to move some waves in Lego-Land... (88 MB)
   I see from the sky... It all began at the international evening! (19 MB)
   Just to get a first taste, Lucky and Goodman showed us a gumboot-dance before teaching us at the IG (52 MB)
   The South African scouts showing us how to do the gumboot dance (41 MB)
   Brajda shows us, that african blood is flowing through her veins, when she performs her dance (18 MB)
   Another step, another lesson - gumboots continue moving (78 MB)
   Now we have to show what we learned to do with our boots (23 MB)
   More steps, more exhausting dance (15 MB)
   At the creative evening Lucky presents us his rap-version of "It's elementary, Watson" (41 MB)
   If I was not upon the stage - what would I be?! Dangerous movements to find out about professions (76 MB)
   If I was not a little sheep - which part would I play in London? (feat. "Huuh - William - look at me" *g*) (110 MB)
   Rebecca and many other beautiful voices performing at the concert (35 MB)
   Julia and her guitar performing "Last Kiss" from Pearl Jam at the concert (38 MB)
   Our so called "Quartett Singers" with the song "Come again, sweet love" from John Dowland at the concert (27 MB)
   Vigga performing a self-written jazz song at the concert (96 MB)
   Frank performing a guitar masterpiece at the concert (17 MB)
   Steffi performing a belly dance as advertising for IMWe 2008 "Arabian Nights" (11 MB)
   Three nice people from the experimental club show us how smoking rings can be in perfect harmony with Vår (52 MB)
   The four nymphes from the acting club intruducing us to the story (44 MB)
   Hit the road, prince! The final of the theatre play of the acting club (25 MB)
   The saddest moment of IMWe each and every year: the team singing irish blessings for farewell... (111 MB)
   "It's elementary, Watson" - the final song at the banquet (54 MB)
   Seems we didn't get enough of this song - once again "It's elementary, Watson" in the dungeons (28 MB)
   Dear Mr. Watson, you are full of surprises! Jon playing the trombone (26 MB)